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It's now October and I havent updated this since June O.o... wow. Well......... not much going on besides school.......... Chemistry sucks right now. I knew it was going to be tough but........ omg I did not think it would knock me on my ass. I've been a 4.0 GPA A student the entire time I've been in college except for one or two C's on tests (one in Chem 099 and I think one in Statistics).... but my final grade was always an A. I got an F on my chemistry test last week............. yep. And all because I didnt finish it. I only missed 3 of the 17 questions that I got done (out of 32 questions x.x).... that's it. I just couldnt remember how to set up the problems... wayyy too much math in a 2 hr period for a test for me. I even stayed like 35 minutes passed the end of class (I was the last person to turn in my test) and was 25 minutes late to work x.x  20 people in my class got under a 70% on that test.... and only 4 people got A's. I'm glad he drops our worst test grade! But that is soooo not me... I feel like a completely different person this semester. Just a few minutes ago I went on my chemistry homework website to look at the homework I havent felt like doing (been exhausted and just bleh feeling with work and school and stress etc.) and I about had a panic attack when I noticed the next three homework assignments are due on wednesdays............ this should be a good thing cuz that means I have more time to work on the one I thought was due tomorrow......... but usually wednesday homework is reserved for ones we have to get done by 2pm because we have tests on wednesdays... needless to say... my heart started pounding and I had to log off the site to calm down. ugh! I dont know what is wrong with me this semester x.x

And... on top of that... I'm also taking Spanish and 3D design: intro to sculpture. Spanish is going okay so far... but I got a C on my second test (only by a couple points x.x) but I got a 98% on my first test and an 85% on my 3rd one.... 3 more chapter tests to go...... but I have an A overall so that's all I really care about at this point. I'm having issues remembering things when we are supposed to be having conversations in class. I think it's just being under the pressure of having to think on the spot that is my problem. I dont have a very good memory when it comes to just pulling things out of my head. But at least all the info I need to know is in my spanish book so studying for that class is easier than chemistry.

3D design is going okay. It's fun... but I'm having creativity problems. The only project I have felt confident on the entire semester was our wire sculpture... but I struggled with it a bit too....... having never soldered before. Speaking of... I really should post some pics of that on here when I get the chance. I made a cicada out of copper and some other wire you can get at michael's and hobby lobby. I used 12 gauge and 14 gauge copper, and the other wire was 20 gauge, 26 gauge, 24 gauge, and 18 gauge. Currently we are working on our grandiose mundanes... I'm going to make a giant contact lens case. The final width is 30 inches. I havent gotten to build anything yet because I'm still converting measurements and things... but it will be made of wood, painted white, and I'm also making a contact lens to go in one side with solution. We only have 4 weeks left to build it too, which is kind of worrying me... I still need to cut all the pieces for the "bowl" sections and build those up in layers.

So... as you can see...... updating my journal on deviantart has been the last thing on my mind lately. I havent even had time for hobby stuff x.x Lilith's wings that I started ages ago are still sitting unfinished in a pile of all my art stuff. I've been planning on finishing Gloria, but she's been in her box pretty much all year since Henry came home... which I feel bad about...... but I just havent had time for dolly things lately. Henry needs body blushed and his hands painted, Lilith needs a new faceup and her clothes and wings finished, and Gloria needs her clothes finished, guns made, and probably a new faceup... even though I really love her current one.... but it was the first one I did and has flaws so I want to fix it. But at least I have some good news in dolly land........ I ordered 4 pairs of makoeyes via my doll group on facebook :D Sadly though.......... all of them, except one pair, are for Henry. I couldnt decide on what color to get him...... so I got AM-015, IB-017, and IB-021 (which might be going to Iplehouse Harace when I decide to get her).... and the last pair (Owl-018) is for Lydia (Iplehouse Pamela) whenever she decides it is time to come home.

Ugh I just wish this semester was over already and that I had all A's... instead I have I think 2 B's and an A for midterm grades at the moment... which is good... but I dont want my GPA to drop and that chemistry class is really freaking me out x.x 
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I'm Raven and no that's not my real name. I'm 24. I have 3 cats.. Rebel, Cheeto, and Brownie. Cheeto and Brownie both live with my mom. Brownie is half Siamese and half possibly american shorthair. We aren't so sure about anything except that she's siamese according to the vet. Rebel has a classic Tabby coat and weighs about 20 lbs. He has short hair so I think he's part american shorthair but I'm not sure on anything else. His mother and him both have a bit of a wild personality even tho I've raised him since birth. He just turned 7 March 25th, 2014 and still acts like a kitten even tho he's fixed. Also.. If you guessed.. yes Cheeto is orange :D lol. I'll be 25 on December 3rd 2014, and I'm going to college to be a veterinarian but am currently working on my Associates in Science Degree. I graduated High School with a 4.0 GPA and Honors :] I have maintained a 4.0 GPA the entire time I've been in college. I was on the Dean's list Spring & Fall 2013 at my college, got accepted into the Honors Program Fall 2013, and was inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society October 17th 2013.

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