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Soooo... yeah I havent updated this all semester apparently! Needless to say, I was super busy. lol. Sorry about that! I also went on hiatus with the picture of Miley I was painting for my friend Olivia. I WILL be finishing that before Christmas, just as soon as finals week is over. I only had two tests (one technically wasnt a final, just a regular exam taken during the finals time slot for that class). I havent heard back from my film professor yet to find out what my grade is, BUT I did get an 86% on my Spanish 3 final! Estoy muy alegre!!! I struggled a lot this semester for some reason.... I wasnt getting much sleep and deadline after deadline piled up sooo much and sooo fast! It was insane! I was taking a test in spanish every two weeks, had at least 30 questions on each of my homework assignments for that class which were also due every two weeks, plus I had to write 5 mini essays for a final portfolio AND do a 10-15 min presentation IN SPANISH and relate cultural things from a Spanish speaking country to the U.S.! I only made it 8 mins for that however.... -sigh-

On top of Spanish craziness, I also did an in class honors project in film AND sculpture. I made a stop motion movie for my film honors project which you can see here (please be aware it is not perfect... I need to go back and fix some continuity errors I ran out of time to do... also this is my first ever stop motion film so of course there are flaws):

For my sculpture in class honors project I did a presentation about dolls and the human psyche related to collecting as well as them as art. I dont know if my teacher really got the stuff I said about them being art or not.... but to me, they ARE sculptures after all. Even if they are more toys than amazing art installations. I'm more specifically talking about bjds and porcelain dolls btw.

also.... speaking of sculpture... I had to make 3 projects this semester... and I know some might be saying "only 3??! That must have been a piece of cake!".... but it totally wasnt! My first project was a self portrait in bronze.... yes BRONZE. IT WAS AWESOME! But it took at least 10-12 weeks (out of a 16 week course O.o) to finish this project. First we plaster bandage cast our faces, then poured plaster into those to get positives of our faces to use as references. Then we hand sculpted our faces in clay (regular clay used for ceramics, not oil etc) to get as close of a likeness to ourselves as possible. After that, we made a mold with silicon rubber from the clay, then cast a wax version using the silicon mold. After we got the wax, we attached vents and sprues to the wax version of our faces. Once that was done, we put 10 coats of slurry and ceramic shell on them that would become our mold for our bronze. This last shell process took me a little over two weeks I think... maybe 2.5-3 weeks. I cant quite remember because some of my vents broke off and I had to repair them the best I could and add extra coats of slurry/shell mix.

Here are a couple pics... I need to take some more recent ones since it has since been polished.

bisque clay:
Clay sculpt

Bronze head

Pic my teacher took after it was more cleaned up:

and here are a few pics of the process steps that I talked about above (I am prob going to put together a little 'movie' of all the pics I took through the process so you can see the clay change as I finished it):

thin/print coat of silicon:

thick coat of silicon:

plaster reinforcement to help silicon keep its shape for when we poured the wax:

clay after removal from silicon:


other than that, I also am still working on my last two. One is about cutting and depression (I've known a few people who have struggled with it). This piece has a lot of symbolism. Some of it is a diamond shape, a certain # of hands (9), and the type of wood I used (red oak). I am not going to go into detail about what those mean, but feel free to do some research if you are curious ;) You might be right or you might be wrong, but I want this piece to speak to the audience and let them derive from it what they will. I unfortunately do not have any pics of it right now, but I will say that I am going to be remolding the hands for it because they turned out atrocious (old resin = bubbly scrambled egg yellow hands x.x...........and the plaster hands had bubbles and the fingers snapped off). The last project I'm working on is inspired by Robert Longo and how he would make sculptures and put them in front of charcoal drawings. It is also slightly inspired by his drawings of people in suits (totally blanking on the name of the series right now). But anyway.... it is a chicken wire sculpture of a woman with plaster arms and legs cast from my own body. One of her arms is missing however because I ran out of plaster bandages. She's supposed to look like she's crumbling and falling apart and this is going to be shown by using plaster on parts of the chicken wire but leaving other bits open so that you can see into her body. She's also going to have a knitted anatomical heart, but first I need to teach myself how to knit. lol. There will also be a giant charcoal triptych behind her as well. It will most likely be an ocean scene of some sort. She's also around my height (5'4") so the triptych is going to be HUGE. Hence why it isnt done yet. I will be finishing it in Drawing II next semester.

Okay now moving on to career.......... I know I posted that I decided I wanted to be a sfx makeup artist, so I wanted to show you guys what I did for Halloween this year :)


well this is my update for now. Sorry it took so long and I hope you enjoy the pics!
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